As a UX designer at Blink, I solve problems through design, from systems to products, and everything in between.

I love the opportunity to understand new and complex problems to create seamless experiences for all kinds of users. From information architecture to full-fidelity prototypes, to development ready designs, I enjoy diagramming, designing, and animating to tell the whole story on any given project.

I earned my BFA in graphic design from Central Washington University, after pursuing an education in film and video. I've spent my time since working on digital and physical products, animations, and experiences of all kinds working with brands such as KEXP, Skype, Vans, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure, Office, & Education.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I spend my days biking through Seattle with my toy poodle Louie, brewing strong coffee, baking for my friends and family, or traveling with my wife.

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